All analysis and workshops will be carried out by myself, using my 10 years experience of video analysis with over 3,000 runners. 

To get started all you need to do is video yourself running on your phone or tablet.

Where possible get someone to film you. This will help get the angle right, but if that’s not possible then you can set up the phone/iPad yourself.  It is important that you get the scale and distance right.  See the photo examples below. This will ensure I can give you the most accurate feedback during your Workshop.

Try and keep the videos to less than 10 seconds each, that will be more than enough time. We need the following videos:

  1. From the side, so running past the phone/tablet.
  2. Head on, so running at the phone/tablet.
  3. From behind, so running away.

You should have 6 videos;  running past the phone/tablet twice (2 different speeds), running at the phone/tablet (2 different speeds) and running away (2 different speeds).

Note:  The 2 different speeds you choose are the ones you use for each video angle. You can choose them to suit the kind of running you are currently doing or aiming to do.

When all videos are complete send them to me here  Please use Dropbox if at all possible.  I will then critique the videos and contact you to set up a date and time for your 1hr workshop on Skype or Zoom.  Following the workshop I will send the footage back to you, having slowed it down and added my comments for you to keep for future practice.

From the side – run past the camera

Head on – run at the camera

From behind – run from the camera

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