Extreme Environments

Much of my research work takes place in extreme environments such as desert, jungle, arctic and the mountains. I believe that due to “negative nurture” we have largely forgotten how to move naturally in the western world. So to study this natural movement I spend time in these environments with both athletes and the indigenous populations.

This contrast of analysis subjects gives me a great insight into the relationship between dynamic movement and the everyday movement that has a huge influence on it. In short, our dynamic movement will always be an extension of how we sit, stand and walk – change these and we immediately improve the sea of tension and elasticity that our body operates in.

Our perception of our movement also has a huge influence on how we run. Understanding how indigenous people feel they are able to carry out everyday tasks in extreme environments that we would find impossible, gives us a unique insight into the potential of our body.

If we change the perception of our movement we can change the movement itself.

This research is vital in helping me analyse and coach competitors for multi-day events.