CPD Courses

The Running Reborn method of analysing and coaching dynamic movement and its focus on efficiency of movement and the management and utilisation of impact on the body has proved popular with therapists and coaches of various disciplines.

To accommodate this interest I have created a CPD course that allows participants to understand how to assess a patients running form, identify potential issues and how to correct these issues to create more efficient movement, this efficient movement and an understanding of how to manage and utilise the impact on the body when running will significantly reduce the chances of injury/reinjury.

This is achieved by using video analysis and thought process for movement, if we change a patient/client’s perception of their movement we can change the movement itself.

For more information on the CPD course please enquire here.

• The CPD course is a one day practical workshop
• The course is aimed at physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, chiropractors, personal trainers, sports massage, sports coaches, leaders of running clubs
• The course will explain the key components of efficient running technique as prescribed by the Running Reborn method
• Through practical application of efficient running theory participants will gain an understanding of the key concepts associated with efficient running
• Therapists will be able to apply this knowledge in assessing their clients/patients using video analysis
• This will equip participants with a thought process which, when supplemented with their existing knowledge, will enable them to improve their patients/clients movement.
• As well as aiding the treatment of injured patients this course will enable the participant to assess runners looking to move better and avoid injury.